4 things you should know before buying handbags online in Nigeria

Cheap handbags in Nigeria

There have been numerous misconceptions about buying handbags online, especially in Nigeria. While some people think they are generally unlucky with online purchases, some are supercool about it.

Here are 5 things you should consider when buying handbags online in Nigeria:

1. Make sure to read the description on the bag before buying
This is to ensure the handbag you want to pay fits into your expectations. Do not just use images uploaded by the seller to judge. A lot of times, there are color and size disparities because the edited images of these bags cannot be compared with what is seen live.

2. Ensure to see live photos or video of the said item
There are a lot of vendors who upload live photos and videos of items they put on sale, I think you should feel free to stick to these vendors because this means what you see is actually what you will get. You can also request for the live images and videos from your vendor.

3. That it looks big in the displayed image doesn’t mean the bag is big
This has been a serious issue. When buying online, it is advisable to read the description of the item properly instead of judging with the image. This can cause wahala because most mini bags don’t look small in photos. Images of bags are usually big because the manufacturers want you to see all the features so they make it bigger.

4. If the price is too good to be true, it means you are most likely to get a bad bag, a substandard bag or they are scam. Nobody sells a big bag for N2500 my darling. With the way dollar rate keeps going up, you should be weary of vendors who want to sell to you below factory prices. LOL, where dem wan see am? So, before you go on with that transaction, think about it. Your quest for the best deal might land you into regrets.

Which other point do you think is important but I didn’t mention in this article? Please use the comment section.


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