2 common things that MUST not come close to your leather bags

Over the years, ladies tend to make mistakes that reduce the lifespan of their handbags. Most times, knowingly, and some of the time, unknowingly.

Here are two of the most popular things that must not come close to your bags:



Most ladies (even me) might say ‘oh I don’t leave my bags directly under the sun’ but what about leaving them in your car? You know how you feel when your car has been parked all day and you enter it….that heat rush that comes at you? Yea, and you left that pretty pretty bag in the car all day. Some ladies have even turned the car into its house. No, please stop it if you do that. Take those bags out of your car TODAY. Store your bags in only a cool dry place.


Chemical reactions vary from one element to another. You will say in your mind ‘oh well, I do not go around chemicals’, but some of the body creams you buy on Instagram Nigeria are chemicals mixed together. But we all are not ready for this conversation yet. The paint in your house, at your office and every space you enter…chemicals. I am not saying you should stop using the creams or stop painting your spaces but handle your handbags properly when around these known and unknown chemicals. After using your creams, wash your hands. Do not dump your bags just on a surface that is just painted. These little acts help a lot in getting the best out of your bags.

What other common things should never come close to your leather handbags? Have you been guilty of any of these? Please share in the comment section, I’ll be happy to reply you.

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  1. You had me at "But we all are not ready for this conversation yet" lol. Wonderful piece Ma'am, it is always a delight to read from you,Thanks

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