3 things to do to your leather bags this rainy season

Just the way the hot season is peculiar and must be taken serious where your leather bags are concerned, so also the rainy season.

It’s rainy season already and most ladies who go out with their leather bags must have been caught in rain at least once or  twice before. Hence, the need to note how to take care of your bag this rainy season. That you have a good leather bag does not mean you should not take good care of the bags. I am even of the opinion that, that is when you should take care of it better.

Here are a few way to take care of your bags this rainy season:

  1. Get a bag cover for your bags. The same way you have an umbrella ready for you in one corner of your car is the same way you should save this bag covers for rainy periods when you need to step out. The fun truth is, even the bag cover makes you look cute and more organized LOL. Everythingfashionitem currently does not have bag covers for sale, but if we have a number of readers asking for it in this comment section, we can stock it. Should we stock it for sale.
  2.  2. If you are caught up in rain or some drizzles, make sure when you finally get home, you dry the bags properly. DO NOT say because its been hours, everything is fine with the bags. NO! Dry your bags inside out. Bring all the stuff in it out and dry it inside out.
  3. 3. After all these, make sure the dried bags are stored properly. Stop putting your handbags inside plastic bags. I have seen some bag storage method around that are very popular on Instagram but it won’t help your leather bags last long. I will make a post about this some day. But for now, store your bags on a surface, in a shelf, where they can sit on their own, without heat.


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